House Numbers

Your house number plays a significant role in your thoughts and ideas, even if you are unaware of the atmosphere it creates. Your lifestyle and personality traits are also affected by the vibrations set up by particular numbers. To discover what to expect from your house number, add up the digits that make up your house number until it reduces to a single digit.

For example, 231 Smith Street is actually 2 + 3 + 1 = 6.

If you live in a unit, flat or townhouse, add the unit number to the house number.

For example, Flat 4, 231 Smith Street , would be 4 + 6 = 10 = 1.

If there is something about your house number which bothers you, remember that houses, like people can be changed for the better.

  • Good for health and independence – be careful not to isolate yourself here.
  • You could become a bit too dependent but your compassion will grow. Hang a metal chime at the front door to exhaust some of the earth element.
  • A lot of communication & social activity here. Be cautious of becoming over-confident and too impulsive.
  • The people here will tend to work hard. It is a place of hard work & can bring security.
  • Always at the center of things. This energy is very strong & to harness this energy, hang a metal wind-chime to exhaust the earth energy.
  • Occupants get very sociable. A good place to raise the family. Make an effort to be sensible & cautious with your savings.
  • Seven is a mystical number & represents heaven’s wisdom. A good house for study, raising children. A lucky house for money.
  • Great knowledge and good luck comes to you here but take care not to become too materialistic.
  • A very auspicious number as it brings prosperity into your future. Your reputation will be enhanced & you might even gain recognition.

House Number One:

The house of the individual, it usually looks different to other houses in the street. This house seldom has a flourishing garden and is more inclined to lawns and trees which look neat.

The architecture is generally plain but has a tall and unusual front door or entrance. The interior of this house is furnished for practicality and there are few ornaments. Crystals and olive greens are used as well as polished floors with large rugs of unusual designs, seldom floral.

The inhabitants are more often than not, single professionals who are not inclined to mix with neighbours. People who live here are intellectuals who are usually interested in the New Age and love discussions. They keep late hours, dress well and believe they have the divine right of individuality – and usually they do.

When people move into this house it usually brings about changes in their thinking, and they develop unusual interests which set them apart from their neighbours.

House Number Two:

Dual occupancy and dual interests best describe the people who live in this house. Couples often begin their married life here and so do those who simply want a romantic liaison. There is always plenty of movement with never a dull moment.

It is a homely place with an air of comfort, even disarray. The house has plenty of books and pots of ferns and flowers: altogether a warm and interesting home where the occupants are very hospitable.

The house itself is solidly built and endures well with a minimum of maintenance. Young people are attracted to a number two house – they don’t stay long, but enjoy themselves while they are there.

This house will create an interest in the occult, astrology and spiritualism in people who would otherwise be more down-to-earth. Seances and spiritualist meetings have more chance of success in a number two house than in any other.

Something is always or about to happen here and life is never dull. If an event sets the neighbours talking, it’s certain to take place in an number two house.

House Number Three:

Bright, imaginative people who love people live in this house. They find any excuse for a get-together, whether to exchange ideas, enjoy music or simply appreciate each other’s company.

This house has an interior where the cushions can be rumpled and no one will worry if the odd drink is spilled on the floor. People who live here are usually kind and understanding, loyal yet a little reserved. They have a keen sense of humour and manage to maintain an optimistic outlook on life.

Destiny plays an important part in the lives of these people and when something good happens, they love to share their success. It is often a home to large families, and at least one member earns a living by working at home.

A number three house often makes a person want to take risks and this can bring about fits of depression and melancholy. The occupants not only believe in religious faith but also put it into practice.

It would be rare not to see a pet here or strays of different varieties.

A Number Four House:

The inhabitants of a number four house are full of conflicting emotions. They set great store in successful careers, while at the same time want to be free to live an untroubled lifestyle. There are two opposing forces here, one fighting for stability, the other for change and excitement.

There seems to be a temporary feeling to this house, with changes and modifications always being planned or carried out. Structural problems are a worry, with cracked walls or sinking foundations often caused by nearby traffic.

Often the personality of someone who moves into a number four house undergoes a change and not always for the better. A gentle person can become aggressive and difficult. Clashes of temperament are frequent and there is a strong tendency to the unconventional, either in the lifestyle or appearance of the inhabitants.

Modernising a number four house often fails to achieve the desired effect. A person living here is either an extremely good friend or a bitter enemy – no half measures here!

A Number Five House:

A number five house usually has a solid appearance which requires little maintenance and features a neat, well-kept garden with colourful, flourishing shrubs and at least one large tree. People who live here adapt quickly to its solidity and usually live a care-free harmonious lifestyle, with plenty of visitors who love to exchange ideas and enjoy music.

There is plenty of activity here and life is never dull. The longer people live in this house, the more secure they become. Both the house and its inhabitants seem to become stronger with time. Their interests usually involve intellectual pursuits such as science, maths or journalism.

They greatly appreciate art and music and usually, at least one member of the family plays a musical instrument. There are always plenty of motor vehicles parked outside because outside friends are always dropping in.

Those lucky enough to visit this house usually will wnt to return again and again.

A Number Six House:

This house is not quite what it appears to be – the structure may be super-modern or run-down and in need of repair, but almost always the interior will exude a feeling of the romantic and old world charm.

The house features softly lit surroundings – no harsh light here. It’s a haven for the sensitive and artistic – the ideal surroundings for creativity. Many beautiful and original ideas and objects are developed on a number six house.

Many couples begin their married life because it provides the feeling of a love nest. Law and justice will prove to be important here either as a profession or passionate involvement. This is never a house of half measures. It will either be a house of love, attraction and beauty or exactly the opposite – severe, discordant and disruptive where emotions are involved.

Making decisions in a number six house can be a labourious and painful process as usually the occupants are too content to bother. Occupants can also be somewhat removed from the realities of a harsh world.

A Number Seven House:

The appearance of this house is deceptive. It may appear to be larger or smaller than it really is and there is almost always a problem with drainage, sewerage, rising damp &/or a leak somewhere which defies repair.

It is frequently occupied by those who deal in illusion, such as photographers, artists, actors, entertainers or those who are constantly striving for perfection. Unscrupulous people who handle the truth carelessly are more likely to be living in a number seven house.

Something about this house causes its occupants to pursue a fantasy, or “chase rainbows.” They rarely see anything other than the way they want to. Reality is kept outside. A sensitive person under the influence of a number seven house could find it difficult to separate realtiy from fantasy, and in extreme cases, it may even cause them more than a stressful mental condition.

These houses can often have a history of hauntings, apparitions or other mysterious happenings. Sleep does not come easily to occupants here.

A Number Eight House:

A solid respectable-looking house which gives the impression that it is occupied by conservative people where laughter and frivolity are frequently lacking. This house brings about the desire for achievement and personal glory, along with responsibility and stability.

Its occupants value appearance and reputation above everything else. Those who live here are usually associated in some way with the law, politics, government affairs or ambitious business schemes.

The interior of this house is usually somber and the atmosphere can be created by heavy furniture, dark colours and half-drawn blinds. Even though the number eight house gives the appearance of solidity, it takes a great deal of time and trouble to maintain its appearance and it can become run-down very quickly.

Heating the house is not easy here and people who reside here can find difficulty in keeping warm. Even if a less serious person moves into a number eight house, it will not be long before they cast aside the more frivolous side of their nature and begin to strive for more concrete ambitions.

A Number Nine House:

To live in a number nine house is to allow destiny to shape one’s life. People who live here have initiative and courage and are born survivors who are direct and open in their manner. Despite their openness and honesty, they frequently suffer through the treachery or cunning of associates in both their business and personal dealings.

The midnight oil is always burning in a number nine house as the occupants are usually night owls, not necessarily because they have something special to do, but because they simply enjoy staying up late.

The interior of a number 9 house is usually made up of several rooms furnished in good taste. Heating can be a major problem with a number nine house as there seems to be some part of the house which can be difficult to keep warm during the winter months.

Life is never tiresome in a number nine number and those who move into this house are destined to enjoy an exciting and interesting life and a turn of events which is brought about by fate.