Curious or Fearful of the FUTURE?
Anxious or Frustrated about the PRESENT?  
Unable to release or forgive the PAST?

Contact Jeanette or Bob, 2 caring and gifted Psychics with over 60 years of psychic experience between them. You know you will be in good hands as they provide clarity, guidance, reassurance, validation and empowerment with their Readings.

Let Jeanette or Bob help you:

  • make positive decisions
  • get back on track
  • provide insight into current situations
  • be on the alert for new opportunities
  • help clear obstacles in your path
  • attain your goals for a better life
  • trust your own instincts
  • find answers to important questions
  • work with universal energies
  • view possible outcomes
  • connect you with your Angels and / or Guides

Jeanette or Bob can help you in the areas of Love, Relationships, Career, Finance, Daily Life issues, Concerns and Heart’s Desires. They use their excellent skills with various card decks like the Osho Zen, Morgan Greer, Mythic and Doreen Virtue’s Angel cards. Both are extremely adept at analyzing Numerology charts based on one’s date of birth. Jeanette and Bob also use clairvoyancy and psychic abilities to help connect with their Angels and Guides to channel messages or to provide more information for you from YOUR angels and guides. Although using similar tools, Jeanette and Bob are very definitely, very different, not only in personalities but in the way they work their craft. Read more about each of them under “Psychic Readings
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